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Up And Running With Rails 5 Beta

Jan 5, 2016

I decided to try out rails 5 on a new side project last night and could not find any useful guides. After some googling I was able to get everything up and running and documented my process below. Hope someone finds this helpful.

To install the rails beta gem, you need to supply the –pre flag to the gem install command.

gem install rails --pre

Oh no, that didn't work (for me, YMMV).

Fetching: eventmachine-1.0.8.gem (100%)
ERROR:  Error installing rails:
	ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.

Rails 5 includes ActionCable, which depends on EventMachine (and a few other libraries). So you need to be able to install EventMachine. The error I was having was because my version of OpenSSL was out of date. I updated it with homebrew.

brew upgrade openssl

I really want to use the updated rails generator so I can use the –api flag. So I'll need to update my rails binary. The rails binary is managed via the Railties gem. This is generally where you'd want to use something like an rvm gemset or the equivalent for your ruby version manager of choice. For my current needs, I can just blow away my existing rails installation completely and install Rails over it.

gem uninstall rails railties

More Info

Now lets try installing the gem again. We installed OpenSSL, but if the gems being installed can't find those headers, it doesn't help us. We will need to pass some compiler flags to the gem install command.

gem install --pre -- --with-cppflags=-I/usr/local/opt/openssl/include

More info

So now we have Rails 5 beta installed, this can be verified by checking the rails gems you have installed.

gem list --local | grep rails
rails --version

Congrats! You have Rails 5 up and running. I suggest you read up on some of the changes and try out the new features. I am really excited to finally have an official solution for writing APIs in rails, that cuts down out all the pieces I don't need.

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